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Chaotic Tendency is a guild founded on family and friends and currently a Heroic level guild looking for the member count to step up into the mythic tier.

In Warlords of Draenor we achieved 7/7 Heroic Highmaul (Pre-nerf) 10/10 Heroic Blackrock Foundry (Pre-nerf) and 13/13 Heroic Hellfire Citadel (Pre-nerf). We currently have a solid core of raiders but are just lacking the body count to step into Mythic.

We are looking for individuals who
Show up and on time prepared to raid. That means any potions, flasks, food, enchants etc you may need to perform to your fullest in a raid encounter. This also means being connected to mumble and in the raid channel on time.
Understands their class and spec to a degree that allows you to pull your weight in the raid encounters.
Can follow directions, offer up suggestions and perspective to improve strategies in raids and most of all, does not stand in fire, blow up the raid or take 10 years to die when we call for a wipe.
We are often very laid back when it comes to raiding. With that being said, we do ask that during encounters that you are focused and that chatter is to a minimum.

Our loot style
Come Legion, Blizzard has made improvements to the personal loot system and we will be running this most of the time, some exceptions may apply to this for various reason but will generally be on personal loot. The new system allows you to trade items looted to others just the same as group loot. This in turn leads to more gear people can use and less gear that is sharded.

What we offer you
Guild repairs for your raiding toon.
Enchants for your characters.
Flasks, potions and feasts.

What we ask of you
There is a lot of work that goes into creating the items the guild provides such as flasks, potions, enchants and feasts. Several of our officers and raiders put time in to gather the materials needed to create these for the rest of the guild and the more materials they are supplied the easier it is for us to supply you.
We also like to run a clean guild. If you have a problem with someone within the guild, please keep it out of mumble and guild chat and if need be, bring it up with an officer or guild leader. You carry our guild tag. Everything you say or do can be a reflection of the guild.

Our raid schedule
Tuesday 6pm PST (9pm Realm) to 8pm PST (12am Realm)
Wednesday 6pm PST (9pm Realm) to 8pm PST (12am Realm)
Sunday 6pm PST (9pm Realm) to 8pm PST (12am Realm)

If everything is cleared before the next raid day we will either call it for the week, do an alt raid, step up the difficulty or visit previous tiers or achievements we may have missed.

Well, what about non-raiding things?
Glad you asked! Several of our members enjoy PvP and we are also looking to fill out an RBG team or two. We also have several achievement hunters, pet, toy and mount collectors!
A majority of the guild also participates in other games outside of World of Warcraft, such as Diablo 3, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch and other non-blizzard games.

What our raid roster is looking for
Warlock (any spec)
Mage (any spec)
Monk (Mistweaver)

Not the class/spec listed above? Still feel free to apply! We are always welcoming new members.

Xai (DH) / Xaikar (Warrior) Guild Master (Xaikar #1548)
Nekosedai (Druid) Co-Guild Master
Kaduhasi (Shaman) / Vondenberg (Hunter) Guild Officer
Silverbolt (Paladin) / Venku (DK) Recruitment Officer
Jenovaa (Paladin) Recruitment Officer

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